About DEP Workshop 2013

 This Workshop is the world's first one dedicated to "Dielectrophoresis". It is organized to encourage young researchers of universities or industries who are familiar to dielectrophoresis, and also to introduce the inexperienced researchers who are searching new topics to bring into their studies and businesses. The workshop invites two worldwide well-known professors, Prof. Peter R. C. Gascoyne from U.S.A. and Prof. Vladimir Sukhorukov from Germany, and also two other outstanding professors, Prof. Masao Washizu and Prof. Junya Suehiro both from Japan. The first day is dedicated to introduce fundamental aspects to the beginners by two Tutorials. The second day is done to present many attractive applications of dielectrophoresis for participants to understand what it is and how it can be utilized. During this workshop some companies will present, in the coffee break lobby, their commercial dielectrophoretic equipments employing dielectrophoresis for medical use. Attending this workshop will facilitate the experienced researchers to reprocess their thoughts and the inexperienced researchers to find out new ideas to be used in their own works.

Prof. Dr. Takeshi Yamakawa
General Chair of DEP Workshop 2013